What do people have to say about Applejacks Shoes? Read on to find out…


“Applejacks are comfortable and attractive- basically Jenna built the shoes I have been waiting for. Because of the balance in most dance heels, I usually prefer to lindy hop (lead and follow) in flats, and lead balboa and blues in flats. My applejacks are so well balanced that I feel like I can do both roles in all three dances without changing my shoes. I am slowly replacing all my other dance shoes with them in various colors and styles.” Ruth Evelyn

“You’ve done it again! My Greenwoods just arrived and they’re soooo soft and comfortable!!!!” Joanna Lucero

“Also I love them. I can’t stop smiling. 1000 thank yous.” Stephanie Nicole

“I just got the boots and just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! they feel amazing 😀 by far the most comfortable and cushy dance shoes Ive ever had!! the width is just a bit snug but it’s already stretching as I wear them just a few minutes! Thanks so much for your help and designing some badass shoes” Lauren Levy

“They mold to your feet within minutes, and then they just feel like a second skin, so lightweight and supportive” Tobias Koelbl