Applejacks has decided to approach sizing a bit differently than you may be used to, so we want to help introduce you to our system:

  • Our styles can be worn by anyone
  • Non-gendered size naming system
  • A Chorus  (our name for traditional womens sizing)
  • B Chorus  (our name for traditional mens sizing)
  • We use EU sizing since our shoes are made in the EU.


Why A & B

Most brands list styles with Mens or Womens sizes but we have opted for a different, non-gendered, inclusive naming system because we do believe words matter. This does mean things can get a bit confusing if you are used to gendered sizing and trying to transfer that over to us. This gets tricky because the industry still separates the way they make the forms for shoes AND we are all used to using the terms mens/womens shoes. Despite this trickyness, we have tried to make it as simple as possible: That means all of our “A” size models are made on ‘Womens’ forms, and “B” are made on ‘Mens’ forms.

Different fits for different feet

If you are unfamiliar with shoe production, different heel heights are made on different forms, different models are made at different factories. This is why not all shoes fit the same. All of our models will be identified as a specific fit: A, B; but like with any brand it is still very much based on the individual shoe itself (who made it/the angle of your foot/etc). That means we recommend reading over the details of the measurements and fit comparisons we offer as well as sizing information on each individual model, and the blog posts that go with them. Just like many jazz songs and their choruses, we have more A’s than B’s (for now!) but we will continue to grow and see what develops.

What is my EU size?

If you don’t know your size in EU sizes, you can use this handy REFERENCE CHART to make the best choice for your feet. We will strive to do our best to provide as much information as possible, and happily reference traditional sizing. We will continue to update the chart when/if sizing changes. And of course, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!