Seneca Heel

Seneca Village, NYC – the largest and most significant area of Afro-American property owners in 19th century USA. Demolished to clear space for Central Park, and almost forgotten about to our modern day society. This neighborhood represented prosperity, opportunity and home for hundreds of people. Please, take some time to go read about this neighborhood in more detail here :

Our Seneca Heel is our first model, setting the tone for all that is to come. With it, we embrace our own hopes, prosperity and our new home in the shoe industry.

It has a 5cm heel, a cushioned insole and comes in 3 color combination options: Purple, Rose Gold/Silver, Red/Cream. The Purple come with dual layer suede leather uppers and leather soles and  the Rose Gold/Silver model come with dual layer soft leather uppers and leather soles, while the Red/Cream comes in a synthetic leather lining, fabric uppers and polyurethane soles. It is important to know that the Rose Gold/Silver ones are a very soft leather (and metallic) so they are a bit more delicate, and with all metallic leathers more easily scuffed. Even with the heel height, they are incredibly comfortable for all types of dances. I even wore these for a whole night of St Louis Shag and felt great.

The Seneca using our A sizing, and fits a bit wider in the toe box than many other common models, with the ability to still tighten the ankle strap as needed and snug on the heel cup. The sizing is most similar to Saint Savoy’s beautiful Grace model, or Remix Vintage Janet, and runs true to size. For example if you typically wear a “womens 38”, order a 38.

Length of the lasts in CM:
35 – 23’5, 36 – 24, 37 – 24’5, 38 – 25, 39 – 25’5, 40 – 26, 41 – 26’5

Below are some photos of Jenna’s photo in the size 38, and some measurements of the inside. Additionally, the uppers of the vegan model and our first drawing.