Greenwood Model

Greenwood was the very first model we designed, and the very first name we selected. The design came as a fresh new idea for dance shoes, with bright colors to stand out. The name came easily upon visiting Tulsa for a dance festival (Greenwood Swingout) and learning about this area.

Greenwood District, Tulsa, OK was one of the single most important neighborhoods in Black American history, and it was destroyed in one of the Nations most deadly acts of violence (Some label it a race riot, others a massacre). Known in it’s heyday as “The Black Wall Street” it represented huge growth and change for the Black population of the USA. The Tulsa Historical Society has done an incredible job documenting this event as well as the history of the neighborhood.

We recommend visiting for a more thorough understanding.


About the shoe

Using our A sizing, the Greenwood fits a bit wider in the toe box than many other common models. The Greenwood model comes on a 2.5cm wide based heel, creating a stable well balanced experience.   It has a T-Strap that comes a bit higher on the foot to help keep your foot snug and is snug on the heel cup. The extra cushioned insole makes it easy to wear these for hours, and it runs true to size. For example if you typically wear a “womens 38”, order a 38. The pink version is softer and gives more stretch wise than the yellow or teal models.

Length of the lasts in CM (you lose approx 1cm in the shoe because it is filled by the insole of the shoe):
35 – 23’5, 36 – 24, 37 – 24’5, 38 – 25, 39 – 25’5, 40 – 26, 41 – 26’5

We use a calf leather outer, with a soft goat leather lining. These shoes will gently mold around your feet, but won’t change in size (unless taken to a cobbler for stretching). There is no textile lining between the two layers of leather. There is a heel cap to help keep shape, and the smallest of toe caps to prevent smooshing. With a soft brushed leather sole, this shoes can be worn on or off the dance floor. It currently comes in 3 color options, with the Pink being the softest leather of the 3.

Here are some photos of the shoes, as well as some on Jenna’s feet and with measurements.