Business Terms

General Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering from our website. By ordering any products from our website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and will be legally bound to these.

When ordering from us, please ensure you tick the box marked ‘I accept’ (regarding our terms and conditions). If you refuse to accept, you will unfortunately be unable to order from us.

Seller/Contract partner

(hereafter called: seller, we, us):

Applejacks Shoes e.U.
Jennifer Koelbl
Gumpendorferstrasse 114A/31
1060 Vienna
+43 664 925 8355
info @

Registration Number for the Commercial Court of Vienna : FN 507786
VAT: ATU74147746

Contract conclusion;

  • Availability and Delivery -Your order will be fulfilled by the delivery date set out in the Order Confirmation or, if no delivery date is specified, then within 30 days of the date of the Order Confirmation, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • The contract conclusion is done in the English language.
  • The display of the product offer in the Internet by the seller does not pose to be a legally binding offer but is only to be regarded as a request to the customer to make a binding purchase offer on their part. The contract is made according to the following standard:
 1) You provide your contract offer with your order in the online shop. When ordering in the online shop you have to click the button “Buy” after the conducted inspection and confirmation of the statements to the ordered goods as well as after entering your personal data, including information to the method of payment as well as inspection and possibly correction of your statements.
 2) We accept your contract offer by delivering the ordered goods. Provided you have given us a valid email address you will receive a confirmation of your order via email. This order confirmation does not pose to be an acceptation declaration.
  • You can and should save these general business terms and possibly further order/contract data sent with the order confirmation. The order/contract data are saved by us. Should you lose your order/contract data we will gladly send you a copy of your order/contract data by your request.

Right of Rescission

  • Right of rescission
    Consumers can withdraw their contract agreement within 14 days without statement of reasons in text form (e.g. letter, email) or by returning the item using the return guidelines. The return is to be addressed to:
    Applejacks Shoes e.U.
    Jennifer Koelbl
    Gumpendorferstrasse 114A/31
    1060 Vienna
    or via email to
  • Exclusion of the right of rescission
    The right of rescission is NOT valid for contracts for the delivery of 
1) Goods that were produced by customer specification or are clearly tailored to the personal needs. 2) Goods that are not adequate for return shipment due to their state/condition, or might spoil quickly or whose expiration date would be exceeded. 3) Audio- or video recordings or of software, provided that the supplied data carriers were unsealed by the consumer. 4) Newspapers, magazines, and illustrated magazines.
  • Consequences of the rescission
    The consumer is obligated to return the goods upon exercising their right of rescission. The return shipment takes place at their own risk. Consumer must pay for the immediate costs of the return shipment if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods and if the consumer has not yet rendered the counter performance or a contractually agreed partial payment in case of a higher price at the time of the rescission.
 In case of an effective rescission the mutually received performances are to be returned and possibly derived benefits (e.g. interest) are to be handed over. If the consumer cannot return the received performance in whole or partially or only in a worsened condition, damage compensation will be deducted. This is not valid if the worsening of the goods is due only to the inspection of the same. Apart from that the consumer can avoid the value compensation obligation if they do not use the goods in possession and refrain from all actions that impede the value. The consumer must fulfill obligations for the compensation of payments within 30 days after the statement of their rescission, excluding the cost of sending the item to you..
 The right for warranty due to faulty or goods not corresponding to the ordered goods is not affected by the right of rescission.
  • Order number
    In order to guarantee a smooth processing of your return and to be able to accelerate the return process it is recommended to label the return package with the order number of the purchase process. Due to the order number a smooth processing of the return shipment is possible.

Delivery, prices, shipping costs, fees

  • Provided no deviating agreements exist, the delivery of the goods is done to the stated shipping address
. In case of paying in person, the delivery of goods is done onsite, unless it is a pre-order item
. In case of bank transfer within 5 work days as of payment receipt, provided that a clear allocation to the order is possible by the data stated on the bank transfer. In case of credit card payment within 5 work days after credit card debit. 
Delivery is done with the Österreichische Post AG or with a package service provider.
  • The seller is authorized to partial shipments, insofar these are reasonable for the customer. There are no further shipping costs for possible later deliveries. Should the goods you ordered not be available and the contract with you not be effective yet we reserve the right to offer you goods equal in price and quality. It is up to you to accept this offer or decline it. Should the contract already be effective, both parties to the contract can resign from the contract in the case that the ordered goods are not available. In case of withdrawal we will inform you immediately about the non-availability, and compensate you immediately for the counter performance already given, if applicable.
  • Expenses (hereafter: shipping costs) become due for the shipping and packaging of the ordered goods, provided no deviating agreements exist (e.g. in the framework of so-called free shipping actions, on-site pickup). The shipping costs stated in the framework of the goods presentation and/or offer description are valid.
  • All prices contained in these general business terms and in our online shops are stated including the respectively legal value added tax


The legal warranty regulations are valid.


The seller is liable without limitations for damages to a person (violation of life, body, or health). The seller is only liable for other damages, especially material damages and pure asset damages in case of gross negligence or intentionally culpable behavior. Regarding the material damage the liability for only slight negligently caused damages is excluded.

Payment conditions

  • You must pay for the ordered goods in advance. The seller provides different payment options for the processing of your order:
  • In case of payment cash on site, the payment is done exclusively in cash directly to seller.
  • In case of an order in the online shop you can utilize direct bank transfer. You will receive the account data necessary for the advance payment in text form, e.g. via email. No transaction costs will be billed for the advance transfer, unless charged by the banks, which seller will pay. After receipt of payment we will initiate delivery of the ordered goods to you immediately.
  • In case of payment via credit card the invoice amount will be debited to your credit card account immediately after your order. We accept Visa and MasterCard and American Express via Stripe. No credit card fees will be billed for order in the online shop. After receipt of payment we will immediately initiate delivery of the ordered goods to your address.
  • In case of payment via Paypal, the invoice amount will be debited to your account or credit card account immediately after your order. After receipt of payment we will immediately initiate delivery of the ordered goods to your address.
  • For counteracting the risk of payment failure we reserve the right to conduct a delivery only against payment in advance by bank transfer or deny it in case of founded doubts concerning your ability to pay or your credit worthiness.
  • The purchaser can only offset such claims that were indisputable. Legally confirmed or explicitly acknowledged by the seller.

Data protection

  • The seller saves the order data necessary for the order processing (name, address, email address, insofar you have stated it in your order in the online shop). The data required for goods dispatch (name, address) are forwarded to our hereby-assigned contract partner (logistics company) if required for the purpose of goods dispatch. Beyond that, we save the necessary data like time of order and time of goods dispatch for the internal order control.
  • Your order data (name, address) are collected, processed, and used by us for purposes of advertisement, market and opinion research. Of course you are authorized to oppose this use of your data anytime. Should we have received your electronic mail address in connection with the sales of goods or services, we may use this address for direct marketing for similar goods or services. Of course you are authorized to oppose this use of your data anytime.
You can send your objection to: Applejacks Shoes e.U. Jennifer Koelbl Gumpendorferstrasse 114A/31 1060 Vienna Austria
  • Your order and payment data is processed and used by us for the purpose of internal evaluation of the payment behavior for further orders.

Retention of title

The goods delivered to you remain the property of the seller up to full payment.

Final clauses

  • These GTC are exclusively subject to Austrian law under exclusion of the UN sale of goods law.
  • Should a clause of these GTC be invalid, impossible, or be or become void, no matter for what reason, the effectiveness of the other clauses remain untouched by this.
  • Place of jurisdiction is Vienna. Austrian law is applicable.

Further details in regards to right and General Business terms can be found here, on the EU Law Lexicon page