About Us

Applejacks shoes are designed by a dancer looking for comfort for long wear, and balance and stability. We want you to not only look good, but to feel good. To be able to stay on the dance floor all night or walk around the city. Our shoes are designed to help your body stay aligned and balanced. Room for your toes, secure on your ankles and happiness on your feet. We believe that Applejacks represents a fresh take on comfort and design.

We know feet are as unique as personalities, which is why we don’t believe in “one size (style) fits all”
That means we know our shoes may not work for everyone. But that is ok, because we founded this company to help fill in the gaps from the other companies already in business. Fit the feet that weren’t being fitted 🙂 Which means if our shoes don’t work for you, that is ok – they may fit your friends and family instead! And you can always check out some of the other great shoe companies out there with a different fit.

We have a goal to help reduce unnecessary waste, maintain high industry standards and choose sustainable durable or recycled materials whenever possible.

What that means for you:

    • Simple labels – It gets thrown away anyway, so we only label what we need to.
    • Minimal packaging – From the factory to you, we do our best to only use what is needed.
    • 1 free shoe bag for every pair purchased
    • Leatherwork follows German PCP Regulations
    • Fair working conditions 
    • Non-gendered/Non-roled sizing and styles
    • Vegan options on many models
    • All samples are tried out on actual dance floors and streets 
    • All samples are kept, donated or sold
    • Extra shoe boxes are donated to local schools for craft projects
    • Continued research/education on waster reducing, environmentally friendly alternatives

We are still working on building our brand and identity. We appreciate your feedback, and we hope you travel along with us on our journey. We are based in Vienna, AT and as of now all items ship from there, but our products are currently made in Spain.

Applejacks was founded in Vienna, AT in 2019 by International Dance Instructor Jenna Applegarth after many years of searching for the “right” shoes. There were many beautiful, quality dance shoes out there – but she still struggled to find things that fit her feet and her specific needs. She was needing something that would have enough room in the toe box to keep her balanced and stable but the shoe itself still being flexible enough for dance movements. They needed to be comfortable enough to wear day and night but still look good enough for performing. She decided it was time to step in and design what she needed. This means Applejacks comes in with different ideas and fits, but with the same quality construction, and economical production you have grown to know from established companies.